How Much Does It Cost To Paint A Bicycle?

how much does it cost to paint a bicycle

Bicycles are fun to ride and very attractive to look at as long as the color remains. However, after a while, it’s typical for the original paint to fade away due to the rough use of the bike. That’s why a bicycle painting is also a moving factor when we decide to buy a new bicycle.

If you see a bright, contrasting color that catches your eyes, you will choose that bike without any doubt. But you will also think about whether you will be able to change the color or repaint it as you want.

To take away all of your concerns, we will try to answer everything in this post on how much does it cost to paint a bicycle. You will also get additional tips and tricks that will help you in the long run. So, read on if you want to know every detail.

How Much Does It Cost To Paint A Bicycle?

Assuming you already own a durable and sturdy bicycle but aren’t fond of the additional custom paint job, now you want to know about the extra cost of a custom paint option. Now, to answer your question accurately, one would need to know about your bike model, frame material, the factory paint you have on your bike, etc.

So, there’s no straightforward answer, but we can give you a range of costs to help you with your decision. If you want to repaint the bike yourself, it can cost you around $50-$200. We know the range varies by a large margin because it depends on multiple factors.

On the other hand, a custom-made paint shop can cost you in the region of $200-$500, depending on what kind of bike you have, the materials, and the labor that will take, and what kind of job you want, like the DIY paint job, blue factory paint, cans of spray paint, clean paint, coats of paint or primary paint job.

Thus, it’s up to you whether you want to paint it yourself or have the budget to go bike painting service providers to custom paint.

Can I Repaint My Bicycle?

Paint Job on Carbon vs. Aluminum

You have been riding your bike for a long time and recently saw some scratches and off-paint areas. So, you decide to look for different ways to repaint your bike. After noticing the high prices of paint shops, you get disheartened to continue. However, we are here to provide some helpful insights.

If you don’t have the budget to repaint your bicycle from a shop, don’t worry because you can do it yourself! It’s not that tough to get new paint for your bike and make it look just as you imagined. So, yes, you can easily repaint your favorite bicycle by yourself.

However, even though it’s not difficult to paint the bike, it’s not too easy either. You have to be careful about certain things before you can begin to slap a new color onto your bike. Your current bike paint, bike frame paint, how much sanding it needs, what kind of coloring or painting would be best, and many other factors.

Will the Cost of the Paint Job Depend on the Bike?

To answer your question, let’s address the more important thing first. When you have an old or heavily used bike, you will want to get an excellent paint job to have a brand new look. However, multiple factors come into play before you can consider painting it.

So, your bike’s current condition will be the principal factor whether the cost will be low or high. The others are present paint jobs, bike category, size & height, design, and other components. While there are many external factors, you can’t ignore these because they can hugely affect the cost.

Usually, it will cost you more money to repaint a mountain bike than a regular one because mountain bikes have a wider frame and parts. Then there’s the decision of how much you want to paint. If you decide to paint some components (such as rims, forks, frames), the price will be less than a complete makeover.

Another crucial determiner of price is the design you want to choose for your bike. Because with a complex artistic outline, the labor cost increases. That’s why you also need to consider this factor before you start the paint job.

How much does it cost to paint a mountain bike?

How Much Does it Cost to Repaint a Bicycle

Do you have a mountain bike that’s seen its better days? Getting a new paint job will add more life to your good old mountain monster without any doubt. However, you can’t be sure of the optimal budget to give your bike a fresh look. That’s why we will guide you to find a cheap paint job that will suit you.

Mountain bikes are hard to manage as well as paint. Their wide build frame, rims, intricate components make it tough to paint them within a low budget. Also, doing it yourself will take a lot of your time and effort. On average, an exceptional custom paint job will cost around $250-500, depending on your location, model, bodywork, etc.

On the other hand, if you are confident in your coloring skills, DIY (Do it yourself) is the perfect way to go. Besides, it will cost you no more than $100! However, remember that your finishing and color will not go the way you want because of your inexperience compared to the expert paint job.

So, we recommend you practice on an old frame or any metal surface to get the on-hand feel.

How much does it cost to powder coat a mountain bike frame?

Before we get to your answer about the cost of powder coating match, let’s get to know about the product and process. Powder coating is a paint job where dry matte powder coating adds onto a frame and is baked for long-lasting color.
So, in this process, no conventional liquid gets into action.

Before, riders didn’t use powder coating for their mountain bikes over regular paint. But recently the scene is changing, and many people want to adopt this new type of paint job. Many powder coat shop offer a good deal when it comes to powder coat finish.

Now for the big reveal. Such a paint job is not inexpensive compared to regular ones as the process is a bit more tedious. However, you will get a more durable and long-lasting color. The whole process will cost you in the ballpark of $200.

It costs around $80-100 to sandblast the bike to remove older paint and take apart the whole bike to break down the price. The rest of the cost comes from the powder coating itself. It is a good deal if you compare this price to your bike’s current condition and look.

So, we can recommend powder coating if you are looking for something new and future-proof.

Paint Job on Carbon vs. Aluminum

Does the Cost Depend on the Bicycle

Maximum bikes have either carbon or aluminum frames. Also, there are unique models with a hybrid alloy of both. So, depending on your bike’s frame material, you will get different results from the same paint job. The reason behind this is the structure and how the paint reacts with it.

If you have an aluminum frame bike, you are good with both paint job and powder coating as there are little to no risks of damaging any parts. Carbon fiber frames are lightweight and are not heat-friendly as their aluminum counterparts. That’s why bike painting service providers prefer to do custom paint on a carbon frame rather than powder coating.

So, we recommend you choose powder coating only if you own an aluminum frame bike. Otherwise, go for custom paint for carbon fiber ones.

How To Paint Your Bike By Yourself?

The Best Type of Paint to Paint Your Bike

Any paint is good enough if it satisfies your requirements and expectations. Also, there are multiple choices and price ranges available for every type of bike rider. So, depending on your budget and preferences, the best paint available for you can vary.

If you are not concerned with any limited budget, a powder coating is the best paint job for almost any bike out there. The majority of the painters use this method to paint because of its attractive color and longevity. After a repaint with powder coating, your bike will look brand new and fresh out of the factory.

On the other hand, spray paint is best if you are trying to paint your bike yourself. They are very affordable, easy to use, and provide a stunning makeover within a small budget. All you need is a few cans of paint, duty paint thinner, sandpaper, masking tape, chain tool, and other small items. So, you can either opt-in for a custom job service or do it yourself.


Bikes and their looks are synonymous with each other, and it’s natural to their riders to protect the paint job. Even if the paint is not something that will last for eternity, you can get a better and fresh look by having a custom design repaint.

We tried our best to gather every information you will need to make a concise decision for new paint in the post. We hope you got your answer about the cost of painting a bicycle. If you have any further queries about the paint job or any bike-related topic like how to make a mountain bike faster on the road or feel free to contact us, and we’ll get back to you soon. Now, fix your budget and get an impressive paint job for your bike!

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