How To Make A Mountain Bike Faster On The Road?

How To Make A Mountain Bike Faster On The Road

Riding is always joyful when you have a decent bike. Mountain bikes differ from regular road bikes as they focus on rocky mountains and terrains. So, you might think that you don’t get the same speed as road biking. While that thought is not entirely false, you can still make your mountain bike go faster than your current speed! 

How? Well, to make you experience a more comfortable yet better speed, we present you with this mind-blowing thread on how to make a mountain bike faster on the Road.

7 Tips On How To Make A Mountain Bike Faster On The Road

First of all, these tips and tricks will help you only if you can follow them frequently. So, try to give your bicycle the attention that it needs. Being said that, here are the top 7 tips to ensure a faster speed from your bike:

Select & Change Your Tires According to Your Bike

Tires are the first thing you need to look at, in our opinion. Because often your current mountain bike tires can not channel the total energy from you. These bikes tend to have a broader build of Mountain bike frames than Road or hybrid ones because rocky roads need more gripping and traction, not necessarily speed.

That’s why overviewing your mountain bike tires and making an optimized purchase can hugely change your everyday bike ride. If you have large rimmed ones with wider tires, then we suggest you quickly opt-in for more decent ones with narrower tires. This simple decision will boost your road speed by miles.

Proper Inflation & a Balanced Pressure

This technique is also applicable for your tires as proper inflation makes tire rotation have more speed potential. Remember, mountain bikes are the perfect vehicle for up hills and similar roads which need more traction than speed. So, optimized tire pressure is as crucial as the tires themselves!

Another essential factor about tire pressure is that your product manufacturer’s suggested pressure depends on your usage. If you regularly commute with your mountain bike, then that tire & saddle pressure is not suitable for you. That’s why it’s better if you tweak your pressure now and then to find the optimal point. Our recommendation will be to keep it around the 20 to 35 psi range.

How To Make A Mountain Bike Faster On The Road

Check Your Suspension

Suspension is a core component that directly relates to both comfort and speed. An excellent balance between them is the key to increase your speed on and off the road. Mountain bikes tend to have both front and rear suspension. So, this part needs more intricate observation and tweaking.

First of all, take a good look at your front suspension fork and adjust it after running through the sag, progression, and rebound damping. Repeat the process for the rear suspension as well. Try to find a balanced setting where you feel the most comfortable while not losing any speed due to unnecessary friction or tension.

Brake Maintenance & Alignment

Although brakes should kick in only when you want them to, sometimes it does not go as you plan. It can happen because your disc brakes are out of alignment. However, you don’t need to worry too much as we have got your back.

Firstly, observe your brakes and the condition of their friction to the pads. If you notice any abnormalities with your calipers or rotor, you must fix them with proper measurements. Then, keep an eye on the bending of your rotor and see if you find too much wobbling.

In these cases, you can use a screwdriver or brake tool to adjust the positioning of the bike’s brake pads. If you do this right, you will observe a massive bump in your bike speed, also a significant performance boost in your brake Rub.

MTB Cycle


We can not stress how vital lubrication is to your mountain biking. People often neglect this point because they think everyday bike oil is good enough for mountain bikes. But as they are different from commuter bikes, make sure to select the right oil for your mountain bike.

Regular usage wears down the components of the mountain bike, and that’s why lubrication is a must. If you want yours to be durable yet high-performing for a long time, use good bike oil every weekend. Lubrication will not only provide you with a better speed, but you will also encounter fewer problems with your bike.

Also, keep in mind that the condition of your bike is also essential as you don’t want to use too much oil when your bike is in rough shape.

Concentrate Your Body Mass

This technique is straightforward yet effective. Every mountain biker has a unique style of mountain biking, and it makes everyone different from each other. Without a proper riding technique, you will lean towards a specific side, and you will not get the max speed.

So, you must keep your body weight in the center to get the maximum momentum from your pedal power. When you have a confident body position, you will achieve the optimal riding experience.

Regular Cleaning

Last but not most minor on our list, well-routine maintenance. 

Yes, we know that it is laughingly obvious that your machine needs detailed checkups now and then. But the cautionary note is that you must clean it rigorously if you want the very best output from your mountain beast.

As mountain bike frames are broad and build, there are tons of places to clean. All the dirt, mud, splashes can wear down your favorite bicycle sooner than you realize. Especially do not forget to clean up your bike chain regularly. So, once a week deep clean bike with warm water and soap is a good practice if you want to run wild with your bike. Know how to remove chain grease from clothes also.

Tips On How To Make A Mountain Bike Go Faster On The Road

Final Notes

Although we tried to cover most of the concerning tricks and tips for your mountain bike to run faster, there are still some other ways for you to find. You can play around with yours to look for many efficient solutions to achieve more incredible speed.

We hope that now you will enjoy your rides with an increased velocity and be more comfortable. For any of your concerns, your helpline is always ready to ease your pain. We hope for your fulfillment throughout your biking days!

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