How Far Is Too Far To Bike To Work?

How Far Is Too Far to Bike to Work

We all know that commuting is not a fun activity, and the repetitive cycle sometimes gets too much of a bother. For that reason, it’s better to switch up this daily work routine with different travel methods. Biking to your work could be the very best thing you’ve been missing out on all this time!

Biking is one of the most joyful experiences of human life, and integrating that into your daily commutes can be the best decision of your life.

So, Are you still compensating on whether to choose this bike commute journey method or not? Well, we understand your concern, and that’s why in this thread, we will answer every question on your mind. Whether it’s a reasonable distance to bike to work or your concern about your current fitness level, we’ll answer everything!

So, read along if you want your answers and become a master of bike riding.

How Far Is Too Far to Bike to Work?

For your convenience, we’ll answer your main concern early on so that you can make a quick decision. Still, we recommend you go through the whole post if you wish to know every intricate detail about queries of biking to work.

Our personal opinion is that up to 10 miles are manageable if you want to bike to work. It takes anywhere between 40-60 minutes, depending on your current fitness level, bike, work location, road compatibility, and some other factors.

Another thing you need to consider is what the benefit of your bike commuting is? How much money does it save you? Is it beneficial for daily life? Is bike riding an experience worthy of your efforts?

So, if you have set your goals, then you can continue your reading.

Your Present Level of Fitness

Your Bike Route

First thing first, your weight and health. Do you think you will be able to pull off such an energy-tolling activity every day? There’s no doubt that bike riding is chilling and refreshing than most other forms of transportation, but you must consider your fitness level first.

Healthy rider weight is around 150 pounds on average and can manage a lengthy 11-15 mile commute without complications. However, if you weigh too much and don’t have enough power in you, it’ll be tough for you to start commuting a long road from day one.

Wait wait! Even if you aren’t fit enough, you don’t have any reason to get disappointed because once you start bike commuting, you will get a fit body in no time! At first, it can take you around 40 to 50 minutes to commute 10 miles of distance. After some months, you will notice your body changes and will be able to bring the duration down to around 30-40 minutes.

Before Your Commute Begins

Now comes the primary inspection and research part. If you wish to start your first bicycle commute without any problem, you must know about the bike route. The day before your journey to your office, measure your estimated time of arrival with a bike apps. You can use Google Maps or any similar app for this process.

After that, observe your route and, if possible, go to your workspace so that you get acquainted with every detail. By doing so, you will be completely free of any complications. Also, rush hours tend to have more traffic, as we all know, and it’s best to know shortcuts for a lower duration.

What is the Amount of Time You Have to Commute to Work?

What is the Amount of Time You Have to Commute to Work

This question is crucial because you have to change your transportation method once you decide to change your routine. When you switch to bike for your daily public transportation, you need to wake up earlier than before.

Compared to your previous public transport such as taxis or buses, you will need an extra 20-30 minutes if you want to arrive on time. So, it’s best to keep around 30 minutes on your hand to ensure safe and timely arrival.

As most of the office starts at 8 in the morning, we recommend waking up around seven and preparing your bags and extra pair of clean clothes that you might need after the long ride.

What Kind of Bike Do You Use for Your Commute?

Now, we come to the topic of bikes and their categories. Before asking anything about How long is too long for a bike commute, you need a comfortable bike. Otherwise, your performance and speed will not only be optimal, but you will also drain too much of your energy.

There are some key factors while deciding what kind of bike is the best for you. First, see if the cycle supports your height and weight because bikes have their measurements. You don’t have to pick a high-end one as long as a regular bicycle fits you perfectly.

Then comes your compatibility with the bike and the overall feel of it after riding for a while. Let’s get this straight. Without a comfortable bike, you might be able to commute for a short period. But in the long run, you will be the one who suffers from making the wrong decision.

Even though we are talking about it at the very end, there’s a good reason for that. Lastly, you have to fix your bike budget. The reason for mentioning it last is that buying a bike is an investment, and you should not hesitate to choose a bike even if it gets a bit expensive. If you are not comfortable with the physical workouts you can try a hybrid bike.

So, choose a bike that is comfortable, compatible, and durable without breaking your bank. You can get one like that within $200 from your local market.

Your Bike Set-up

After you made your purchase and planned your everyday bicycle commute, there’s another step to follow. That is setting up your bike and managing its components. While you might think your bike will serve you well for a year or two without any worries, your carelessness can become detrimental.

Check your saddle position and adjust it according to your height so that you enjoy a comfortable ride every time. Also, notice if you can reach the handlebars without any problem. Take a stroll in your neighborhood to find out if your bike chains and gears are functioning well.

After doing that, you can become assured about bike basics and leave your fear of facing any trouble. Lastly, make sure to purchase a reputable bike oil for weekly maintenance.

Your Bike Route

So, you made your purchase, and your bike set-up is also complete. However, your destination is still not within your reach. Why? Because your planning is incomplete without checking what kind of road or terrain you will be marching.

Does your bike route have a bike lane? Do you know the shortcuts? Are you aware of your surroundings and safety? These are some of the concerning topics you should know before you start commuting with your bike.

If your bike route has elevation, then you need to take that into account and plan accordingly. Uphill tracts make the biking experience challenging, and that’s why you should decide your perfect commute route.

Why Commute to Work with Your Bike?

Your Present Level of Fitness

There are tons of reasons we can show why you should bike to work. First of all, it makes you healthier than you can ever imagine. The fitness benefits you will get from regular cycling can not come close to any other activity without any doubt. You will build a habit of following organized routines and practice those in your daily life.

Also, did you know that regular bikers tend to have lower blood pressure, lower chance of contracting life-threatening diseases such as cancer, kidney failure, diabetes? By riding your bike to work, you will also notice an improvement in your mental health. So, you can stay healthy while you go to work safely on your bike.

Biking provides you with not only financial freedom but also enables you to enjoy the fresh morning air. You probably spent too much on your transports, and biking will ease your financial pressure. And, the fun & exciting morning commute is the best for a refreshing start.

Finally, the freedom you get from having your transport is truly a relief. You don’t need to wait for your public transport or ride. You get unmatched independence and control over your morning choices and act according to your daily plans.

How Far Is Too Far To Bike To Work?

What are the Perfect Clothes to Wear?

Your cycling attire depends on various factors such as your condition, weather, commute distance, etc. If you have to cover small distances like 3-4 miles for work, you don’t need to worry too much about your clothes. However, if space is hard to cover, you need to consider your apparel because you will sweat more.

In every weather and condition, it’s a must to wear a good helmet. We highly recommend wearing one whenever you go for a long ride or your daily commute.

In the summer heat, choosing a casual breathable t-shirt is best to avoid the extra sweat. There are many cycling jerseys that you can try so that you remain comfortable throughout your commute. If that does not suit your taste, we recommend you wear a cotton t-shirt and then change it after arriving at your workplace. Don’t worry if you messed up with chain grease. It has also a solution to clean chain grease. 

In colder weather, you should buy yourself a thick padded jacket that is easy to wear. As you will face chilly breeze and frostbites, you must purchase a pair of hand gloves to ensure better control. Otherwise, you will not be able to keep your balance while holding deep-frozen handlebars.

Cycling To Work Without a Shower

After you decide your whole work plan about biking to work, you realize that your office does not have a shower. In such circumstances, it’s understandable to worry about your body’s smell and condition. You can’t work while sweating from head to toe, can you?

To avoid that, you can use a washrag and your office bathroom sink to clean yourself without a shower. Carefully wash your sweaty parts with the rag and apply water if you want to. And don’t forget to carry a plastic pouch to store that rag of yours. It’s a popular life hack if you don’t want to bother with unnecessary sweat.

Another neat trick is to keep an extra pair of clothing on you and change your dress after reaching your work. Wear a casual t-shirt and change into your formal shirt and suit at work. This way, you will get time to cool down the sweat and be ready for work.

This technique is an obvious one but works without fail. Deodorant can be your perfect partner that will keep your body odor out of your way. We know it can not vanish your sweat away, but at least your colleagues won’t notice anything.

Also, if you can maintain a controlled speed on your bike, you can avoid sweating too much, and a few sprays of deodorant will keep you fresh the rest of the day.

Is it Necessary to Clean Yourself After the Commute?

The decision to clean up after your ride to work is dependent on you. Do you sweat too much? Are you a fast rider or a moderate one? Is there enough time to clean up? These are some questions that arise with your decision.

While cleaning up is the best way to start your work in the office with a new body, it does not mean you have to do it. You can use deodorant to avoid body smell. Also, you can bike to work at a moderate speed so that you sweat as little as possible.

It is best to leave for work with some time on your hands to avoid rushing for work. You will get more time to bike slowly, but you will also avoid sweating buckets. So, we hope you understand that you don’t have to clean up if you don’t want to.

How Much Can You Carry?

How Much Can You Carry

The overall weight on you can be quite the bother if you have a long-distance to cover. So, you have to be careful about how much you need to carry. Laptop, lunch, additional office tools, bottle, etc., add more weight to your rides. That’s why you need to sort out which are the bare essentials and carry them only.

Another thing to consider is the comfort of your journey. If it gets uncomfortable carrying too many items, leaving some of them at work is better.

However, on small distance commutes, you don’t need to worry too much about that stuff. You can manage once you get acquainted with your bike and riding speed.

What Should You Do with Your Bike While You're Working?

This question is a common one among newbie riders. While you’re working, there’s not much to do other than parking it in a safe place. If your workplace has a secured parking zone, then you can park in a corner, and you’re good to go.

But if your office does not have any bike parking zone, buy a good quality lock for your safety purposes. You can pick them up from your nearest local market at a reasonable price.

Some Questions about Bike Distance

These are some most asked questions about bike distances that we get:

What Should You Do with Your Bike While You're Working

Is 40 Miles a Long Bike Ride?

Forty miles is a very stressful distance to cover, to be honest. If you use your bike for commuting or daily purposes, 40 miles will be challenging to achieve. Still, we are not saying it is impossible for you. With the proper practice, training, and tools to fix your bike, you definitely will be able to crack that distance.

How Much Time Does it Take to Bike 7 Miles?

It depends on the rider’s experience, biking speed, and the route. If you are new to biking and can maintain an average of 10 miles/hour, it should take around 40-45 minutes to cover 7 miles of distance.

What is the Average Bike Commute Distance?

Well, the answer is the same as before. Even though the average is a measurement that falls in the middle of a statistic, you can never determine its result. However, people who bike to work usually travel around 5-10 miles. So, if your distance falls in between or below, you are perfectly fit to commute.

Is 10 Miles Biking Tough?

If you have been cycling for a while, 10 miles is entirely doable for you. But if you recently started, it would take some time to get used to this distance. So, 10 miles is not a long distance to commute or travel.


Biking is always a joyous experience and a fun activity for people of all ages. It will make you healthy and save your hard-earned money. Your decision to bike to work can help you both physically and financially.

We tried to answer everything to your question of What Is a Reasonable Distance to Bike to Work and believe you can make a wise decision. However, if you still have lingering queries, let us know, and we’ll get back to you. Stay healthy and have a safe journey to your work from now on!

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