How To Remove Bike Chain Grease From Clothes? 2023

how to remove bike grease from clothes

Bike grease can be a nuisance to deal with if you don’t know the proper methods. Any carelessness or accidents can cause a contrasting mark on your favorite pants or shirts. However, it isn’t a bother once you are familiar with quick techniques and tips on how to remove bike chain grease from clothes.

Here, you will know all about the famous and influential methods to keep yourself free from greases from your bikes. So, let’s jump right into it!

How to Remove Bike Grease from Clothes?

As grease marks are straightforward to make your clothes dirty, proper caution about those is a must while working on your bike. Still, your routine bicycle maintenance, tire, or chain change can toll the apparel. That’s why we will share some of the best methods to tackle this problem.

Before learning the methods, get a proper understanding of your cloth’s fabric and washing technique. It’s essential to use a specific washing technique to eliminate marks and spots from a particular piece of clothing. Otherwise, not only the grease patches will remain but also your clothes will be damaged as well. 

So, before you hastily start cleaning the dress, be careful about which cleaning agents to use and what type of fabric your cloth has. Another important note for you is to wear gloves if you have sensitive skin or allergy issues to any cleaning materials. Your safety comes before your clothes.

Now, we will look at different agents and the adaptability with certain fabrics so that you don’t make a mistake. For your convenience, we have listed them in an orderly fashion so you can go to any section without reading the full post.

Remove Bike Tire Grease from Clothes with Laundry Detergent.

how to remove bike chain grease from clothes

It’s appropriate to use a laundry detergent because it’s more adaptive to clothes. However, it’s best to use this type of detergent on synthetic ones.

Here are the detailed guidelines:

Step I: Get a Little Amount Before Wash

Treat your cloth with just a few drops of your laundry detergent before giving it a complete wash. It does not matter whether your dress is fresh or dry as long as you are using this method.

After doing that, gently rub it with a dosing ball or your hands if you don’t have any dosing balls. Wait for five to ten minutes before going to the next step.

Step II: Cold Water Treatment

Now, it’s time to clean with cold tap water. Ensure a cautious wash from both sides so that no black marks or spots are visible.

Final Step: Wash & Dry

Even if all the dark marks are gone, it’s safe to give it a natural wash. It’s okay to use the hands or washing machine for that purpose. After cleaning your dress, hang it under bright sunlight.

How to Remove Bike Tire Grease Stains from Clothes by Dishwashing Liquid?

remove truck bike grease stains out of clothes

Dishwashing fluid is a popular household item, and its application even covers clearing out your bike stains without too much hassle. However, it works best on clothes that have synthetic or cotton fabrics. Also, cornflour or talcum is best if you wish to clean any deep marks.

Now, follow these instructions:

Step I: Use a Few Drops

Similar to other artificial agents, dishwashing fluid also has excellent capabilities. It can remove your bike tire marks as efficiently as any other washing fluids. So, applying a little of it is good enough to begin this method.

If the spots seem to be more scattered, it is recommended to use a concentrated mixture of dishwashing fluid and household soda for better results. After that, use any soft scrubber or old toothbrushes to scrub the black spots and stains away.

Step II: Rinse the Stains with Tap Water

Before you wash your cloth with water, let it soak off the paste so that it can drag out the stains more effectively. After removing most of the colors with the mixture, you can now apply cold tap water to your cloth. 

We recommend you keep the frontal side of the dress facing your basin. As the water moves from the less dirty part to the front, it will be more effective to eradicate those marks.

Final Step: Careful Wash & Dry

If you see no more visible spots on your cloth, wash them properly with care. Even if you think there’s no need for a wash as you got every stain out of your apparel, it’s better to be safe than sorry. So, after giving it a complete bath, hang it in a well-lit and dry place.

How to Eliminate T Grease from Clothes Using Baking Soda?

how to remove bike grease stains from clothes

One of the most used chemical products in every house is baking soda. So, if you don’t have any detergent or dishwashing liquids around, baking soda is more than enough to ease your pain of stain! However, try to limit your use with only wool and silk fabrics as other clothing materials may incur damages.

Here are the quick step-by-step instructions for you:

Step I: Dust Your Cloth with Baking Soda

Take the baking soda and sprinkle them on the stains. Make sure you don’t miss any spots and carefully leave them to dry.

Step II: Wait for the Night to Pass

This step is different from others because it takes some time for baking soda to drag out the stains. So, after an overnight wait, use your old toothbrush to clear off the remaining grease spots.

Final Step: Wash it Thoroughly.

Always try to follow the instructions while washing your clothes to get a fresh look. After the cleaning process, look for any visible spots and if you don’t find any, dry your apparel in proper sunlight. 

Apart from the mentioned products, you can use soap, shampoo, non-artificial items such as citrus, vinegar or acidic substances, etc. 

How to Remove Bike Grease from Clothes?


We know and understand how troublesome it is when our favorite piece of cloth becomes stained with bike grease. That’s why we tried to create this post so that you don’t have to deal with permanent patches or marks. 

Just make sure to follow these techniques and guidelines in the care label instructions. For any feedback or queries, feel free to comment without any hesitation. From now on, we hope that you will eliminate any bike grease stains without any problem. 

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