700c Hyper Spinfit Men’s Hybrid Bike Review 2023

700c hyper spinfit men's hybrid bike review

Bikes have always been a passage to freedom that allows us to explore the joy of adventure. As time passed, bikes developed with technology, and now we have tons of options in cycling gear. So, it’s natural to become confused about your decision.

If you are looking for an everyday bicycle for your daily commutes and small road trips, hybrid bicycles are the best choice you can make. And Hyper Spinfit men’s hybrid bike is one of the most affordable yet durable fitness bikes you can find on the market. 

In this 700c Hyper Spinfit men’s hybrid bike review, you will learn about this sporty bike in minute details. Let’s get started!

To understand a product, we must be knowledgeable about its features and brand reputation. Hyper Bicycles, Inc. is a renowned entity in the BMX category, and they are making bicycle components since 1990.

After their expertise and massive success in mountain bicycles, they saw an opportunity to capture a wide demographic by making durable and long-lasting hybrid fitness bikes. So, they are not a new player in the hybrid genre.

Hybrid bicycles are the perfect companion for health enthusiasts and daily job holders because of their regular usability. Hyper Spinfit 700c is a superb product in their lineup. You can stroll around your neighborhood and also take yourself to mountain spaces on the weekend.

It also offers fantastic build quality with a high-grade aluminum frame and Shimano disc brakes. Apart from that, you also get heavenly comfort from their well-cushioned seat that makes your rides more enjoyable than ever.

hyper spinfit men's hybrid bike review

Before continuing further with hyper 700c review, let’s take a quick look at its specifications:

Product Specifications

Product Name: 700c Hyper SpinFit Men’s Hybrid Bike

Product Dimensions: ‎ 52.36 x 7.87 x 29.92 Inches

Manufacturer: Hyper Bicycles

Frame Material: Aluminum

Frame Size: 26 Inches

Wheel Size: 700c

Shifters: 21-speed Shimano

Brakes: V-shaped

Rear Derailleur: Shimano

Maximum Capacity: 300 lbs

Weight: 30 lbs

Gender: Male

Materials Used In Hyper 700c Men's Spinfit Hybrid Bike

hyper 700c men's spinfit hybrid bike review

For any category of bikes, especially hybrid ones, building materials are one of the most crucial pieces of information to look at before making a purchase. Besides, no one wants to buy one that won’t last any longer than a year.

But you don’t need to stress about the Spinfit 700c Hyper at all because it has some impressive materials baked into it. You will get a full aluminum frame with 26 inches size. So, it is tall and compatible with men of six feet height as well. 

Another great thing about them is the addition of Shimano 21-speed gears and shifters, making your riding experience smooth as butter.

Shimano, currently the most famous brand for gears, also provided the rear derailleurs. So, you won’t have any issues with the gears department.

You must be wondering that as it has so many features, the looks of this beauty won’t be much appealing. However, Hyper offers Authentic HYPER graphics that enhance the look and feel of this bike exponentially. So, it offers both beauty with the build.

Hyper Spinfit 700c Wheel Size

As Spinfit 700c is a hybrid one, its wheels are not the same as road bicycles. Road bikes tend to have a more petite wheel frame and narrow field of contact with the road.

Spinfit hybrid has 26 inches wheels. These wheels will help you to make quick turns and stops without any fail.

Another thing to consider is the availability of spare components in your area. 700c wheels are standard for hybrids, so we don’t think it’ll be any problem for you to find them. 

Hyper Spinfit 700c Tires

Hyper hybrid bikes have the industry-standard build quality and structural design that makes bike enthusiasts fall in love with them. Similar to their wheels, they also have traditional tires on their bikes that are 700c. It implies that the wheels have a diameter of 622 across their tires.

These high-performing tires have an excellent grip to support your braking system. The v-shaped braking mechanism complements these low-profile tires perfectly to glide you through any hill or mountain tracks with ease. 

While you will enjoy your everyday rides with this bike, regular maintenance will keep your bike in good condition in the long run.

Hyper Spinfit 700c Parts

spinfit 700c hyper review

If you are planning to buy a durable hybrid bike, you have to be sure of its parts and components. However, the Hyper Spinfit hybrid bike is a class on its own. Its rich and high-quality features will capture your attention.

A high-grade aluminum frame with rigid plastic support is the main body that holds the bike’s foundation. With industry-leading Shimano disc brakes, shifters and gears, you will have no trouble in regular sides or mountain treks. This bike can do it all!

Another impressive trait is the added eye-catching design. With all the components, from its sturdy frame to wide tires, you will get everything possible at the most affordable price.

Hyper Spinfit 700c Weight & Frame

Hybrid bikes are best in having less weight than regular road bikes because of their lightweight components. The hyper hybrid bike is no exception. Although we don’t have any official data on the importance of the cycle, we found it to be around 30 pounds from our measurements.

The lightweight is also possible due to its aluminum frame, which offers its users a comfortable ride every time. You will get to enjoy a more smooth riding experience than regular road bikes because of their lightweight design.

  • Very cost-efficient than the rest of the competition.
  • Offers very high-performing 700c tires.
  • Durable and sturdy aluminum frame.
  • Shimano shifters for better control.
  • Excellent brakes to avoid any accidents by quick stops.
  • Lightweight design provides unmatched comfort.
  • Requires regular checkups to sustain better longevity.

Hyper 700c Men's Spinfit Hybrid Bike Review

FAQs On 700c Hyper Spinfit Men's Hybrid Bike Review

These are some of the most asked questions about the Hyper 700c Spinfit hybrid bike:

Is Hyper Spinfit a Good Bike?

If you are looking to buy a hybrid bike and have a tight budget, we can indeed state that Hyper Spinfit is a well-made decision. We highly recommend this bike for its more than enough features and very few opposing sides. So, this bike is a good one for everyday use.

How Much is a SpinFit 700C Bike?

The price of Spinfit 700C depends on your region, availability, and ongoing sales. You get this sleek-looking bike for under $200! In many stores, it sells for $160, but on sale, it can get as low as $70-80! So, you can probably understand why we have such high praises for this one.

Who Makes Spinfit 700c?

Hyper Bicycles, Inc., an established brand in the cycle business, makes Spinfit 700c. After they showed their excellence in creating and designing high-performance BMX bikes, they created an uproar in hybrid counterparts.

How Much Should I Spend on a Hybrid Bike?

This decision depends on none but you! If you want to buy a high-end hybrid bike, it’s natural to spend around $500-700 on your bike. However, you are looking for some budget-friendly options; Hyper Spinfit is a great deal, we must say. If you woman and are fascinated with a mountain bike then you can go for a women’s mountain bike.


So? What are your thoughts on this bike after reading all through the 700c Hyper Spinfit men’s hybrid bike review? This bike outperforms its competition with rich features and astonishing design. We truly believe that very few hybrid bikes offer such a bang for the buck.

We believe that our review will help you to make a sound purchase decision. Our reviews try to make sure you, the readers, get a proper understanding of the products. If you have any queries, leave your thoughts in the comments section. Stay safe and buy responsibly.

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